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Friday, December 2, 2011

Top 5 Relationship Issues: Give Your Heart a Break!

Break ups are true heart breakers! It doesn't matter if you were the one who initiated the separation or not, for sure, it will cut both ways. I had my fair share of heart aches and drama and I felt like writing about the topic because someone very close to me is currently undergoing a major relationship tear down and also, a very popular local celebrity item, KC Concepcion and Piolo Pascual broke up hot off the fire! The news about the break up actually became a hotter issue than the recent stand off between the executive and judicial branches of the government with regards to the ex-president's right to travel abroad to seek medical attention. I thought it better to write about love and its sad ending rather than politics and its bad ending.

Who knows what really causes a relationship to break apart. It will be hard, almost impossible, to positively pin point the reason behind it because there are a lot of factors involved but here are the top 5 relationship issues that commonly cause a relationship to fall apart:

1. Financial Issue - The saying "When poverty knocks at the door, love flies out of the window" could be true but not in all cases because rich couples also break up due to financial issues. The financial problem does not really mean how much or how little money the couple has but how they value and spend it. It also should not matter who earns more. Problems occur only if the couple have differing objectives, priorities and ways of handling finances. The real issues behind a couple's financial problem are actually far deeper than money per se, which is only a diversion from the true conflicts between the two which are: Pride, generosity or lack of it, division of responsibilities as in the case of payment of bills, and sadly, greediness.

2. Intellectual Issue - A relationship may be affected and eventually end up in separation if the couple's intelligence are not at par with each other. An intelligence disparity between partners should not be too big a difference for it to be reconciled. Intellectual issues may include the Intelligence Quotient, Emotional Quotient, educational attainment and also the age gap of the couple.

Social Background Issue: Jack and Rose
3. Social Background Issue - The differing social classes of a couple sometimes affect the relationship especially if friends and relatives get involved. The adjustment becomes burdensome for the partner who constantly tries hard to fit into an unnatural social set up that harbors a feeling of awkwardness and insecurity.

The Break Up Movie
4. Morality, Values, Religion and Other Intimacy Issues - Sexual orientation, sexual practices, sexual drive, other intimacy issues... morality, values and religion, these are important factors in the longevity of a relationship. A couple's conflicting views regarding these matters cause a lot of tension in the relationship. These issues are also the hardest to compromise and sacrifice. These differences are very hard to resolve and may result to a separation in no time.

Grey's Anatomy Love Triangle
5. Fidelity Issue - This one is the worst heart breaker of all! Only a few couples are able to salvage their relationships after a philandering partner has been discovered. It is sometimes very hard to fix this problem due to a violation of trust. The underlying causes of infidelity could be a combination or all of the above issues.

Is it true that "Opposites Attract?" 

Yes, if you're a magnet! 

What about "Love Conquers All?" 

Yes, only if you choose your battles wisely.

KC Concepcion outed her break up with Piolo Pascual in tears on national TV

But, I still believe it's all worth it ... 

to love and be loved in return. 

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