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Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year 2012: 3 Things To Remember in Welcoming the New Year

The prospect of a brand new year brings excitement to almost everyone, pessimists included. A start of a year creates so much anticipation for a brighter future. It builds up hope of fulfilling dreams or even creating new ones... it is another chance to make lives better. However, there are actually only three things to keep in mind when welcoming the new year... those things to keep, throw and give away.

Things to Keep for 2012

1. Promises made the previous year - The new year does not nullify the promises made in 2011, so don't break it. You may always create new resolutions for the coming year but you must carry on with the old ones or reaffirm your broken 2011 vows. 

2. Good Friends - Stick it out with good friends through good times and bad, in sickness and in health, 'till death do you party! 

3. Your Job - Keep it, even if you hate it. It's not very wise to welcome the new year with no steady source of income. So, hang on a little and stop thinking about quitting especially during the holiday season when you're most of the time intoxicated. 

4.Good Health - There are so many things to be thankful about for the year 2010.One of them is being healthy and strong... so keep your healthy lifestyle going. 

5. Good Deeds - Keep doing good to others and good things will come your way... after all, good things happen to good people ;)

Things To Give Away for 2012

1. Good Old Stuff - Please... part from it already. You might not get back to your 24" waistline 5 years ago and even if you did, the style of your old clothes won't fit your age anyhow... so, give it up. It's the time of the year to clean the closet, the attic, the basement, the garage or wherever it is you hid your treasures! Donate your good old stuff while it still could be useful to others. 

2.  Presents - Okay, your old stuff are good but they don't really make as nice presents... so buy some gifts for the Holiday give away. 

3. Peace - It's not true that you can't forgive people who do not ask for it or worse, do not even acknowledge they did you wrong. Of course you can, simply give it and you'll be surprised that the old hurt is gone! Forgive and spread peace to others and yourself as well. 

4. Joy - A simple smile or a wave could make someone's day brighter. So, be generous in spreading goodwill and friendliness. A joyful person attracts positive reactions while a grouchy one creates bad vibes. 

5. Love and Kindness - Hmmnn, how do we give out love and kindness? Just like a lotion usage instruction: Apply a generous amount all over to achieve best result!

Things to Throw for 2012:

1. Junk - De-clutter! Throw away your old stuff that you can't imagine using yourself! If it's no good for you, then don't think of giving it away, just junk it to avoid offending people or being offended if they throw it back at you. LOL! 

2. Worries and Fears - De-stress! Much of it comes from worrying about little things that actually don't matter a lot, if you just spare a moment not thinking about it. 

3. Hatred and Anger - Enough already... for all you know the object of your ire is not even aware of it. Give yourself a break and stop being a hater. 

4. Debts - Start with a clean slate! Pay off all debts if you can before the year ends, except of course those that are classified as fixed term loans. It's wise to welcome the new year debt-free. It will surely bring you good fortune. 

5. Bad Habits - Aha! Time to make your new year's resolution... kick the bad habits! Quit now! Hehe... Good luck!

Happy New Year to All!!!


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