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Friday, December 9, 2011

Technology: Smartphone Junkie and/or a Nomophobic?

People are becoming increasingly addicted to machines, particularly to smartphones. Surprisingly the inclination is widely spread across all ages from 7 to 70 years and older! In fact, I have a handful of very active Facebook friends who are 60 years old and up who post their FB status and comments using their smartphones!

My nieces and nephews seem like lost puppies without their electronic gadgets, but this is understandable considering that they're all born during the Information Age, Computer Age, Digital Age, Cyber Era, Internet Era ... or whatever you wish to call it. However, generations much older seem to be as addicted and sometimes even more so than the "internet babies," but that is not really so surprising because they are actually the ones who have the means to buy smartphones!

It is very easy to self-diagnose if you have become a Smartphone Junkie or severely suffering from nomophobia, the fear of being out of mobile contact!

If your answer is TRUE to at least 5 out of the 10 items below, then you might seriously want to consider joining the Smartphone Anonymous or visit a therapist!

1. You can't ignore a bleep, a tone or a vibration emanating from your smartphone and just have to drop whatever it is you're doing to check it.

2. You can't bring yourself to turn off your smartphone, not even for a minute.

3. You sleep, eat and take a bath with your smartphone not more than a meter away from you.

4. You take pictures of your food and post them to social networking sites using your smartphone before actually eating it.

5. You post your every location to social networking sites using your smartphone as if reporting your whereabouts to authorities in case someone attempts to kidnap you.

6. You post how you feel, what you are currently doing, who you are with and other personal details happening to you on social networking sites using your smartphone not less than 3 times daily.

7. You instinctively grope for your smartphone as soon as you wake up to check your messages, updates and to browse the internet.

8. You don't remember important dates and appointments without being prompted by your smartphone.

9. You feel proud of your smart phone like a trophy and so you display it for the world to see.

10. You talk about how good your smartphone is every chance you get, not to mention you also talk to your smartphone that talks back to you!

11. You upgrade to a smarter phone as soon as a new version hit the market.

Me? An addict? Nuh, uh!

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