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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Angels Among Us

There has always been a wide fascination with the idea of humans levitating or flying. Notice how almost all superhero characters possess this super power? Butterflies, eagles and other winged animals, dinosaurs and dragons included, are also often used as symbols of beauty, power, success and freedom. Not to forget the appeal for fairies and unicorns... and the wizards that fly aboard their magical broomsticks!

What about angels? Are they for real or just another fragment of human imagination? There are voluminous documentations of sightings and encounters with the spiritual winged beings in many different religious books for ages. There are also professions of apparitions complete with photographs and films as proofs of evidence. But then, it will all just boil down to the age-long debate between science and religion. 

Nonetheless, no one can deny that the "idea" of their presence in our midst gives positive inspiration to many, whether proven real or not and the medium that bridges the gap is art! 

Believer of angels or not, how could one not appreciate Leonardo Da Vinci's "Annunciation" (Circa 1472-1475, Oil and tempera on poplar panel 98 × 217 cm) or Giotto di Bondone's "Lamentation" (Circa 1305-1306, 7' 7" x 7' 9" Fresco)? Who would not fall in love with the beauty of Israfel's voice in Edgar Allan Poe's words (1831) and the numerous love songs about angels ascribed to a loved one? Not to forget the great angel-inspired movies! One of my faves by the way, is the light and funny 1987 flick, "Date with an Angel" starring Emmanuelle BĂ©art, Phoebe Cates and Michael E. Knight.

I never had a live encounter with one but the goodness in everyone reflects the presence of these mystical beings. There are indeed angels among us, some in the guise of strangers we come across with so briefly that they barely leave a trace of a memory... others within our very own circle who we spend time with most of our days! They need not show wings as proofs, we just know in our hearts that they are. I also believe that we do not meet these beautiful creations by chance. We have been blessed to experience them in this lifetime to guide, protect and comfort us... to bring us joy! 

Doodled them on impulse upon waking
in the morning of my birthday in 2010.


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