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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

BIG WORDS! (Day 1 Appreciation: A 5-day Positive Thoughts Challenge)

Have you recently noticed the newsfeed flooding of "What's Your 10 Best..." on Facebook? Best Movies, Best Books, Best Songs... etceteraah etceteraaahh! Yes, I have been tagged to those and eagerly participated. I had fun making my lists and keeping the chains alive. It was a good exercise to recall the titles and realize the ones that made considerable impact on me after all these years! Seeing the lists of my friends on the other hand, reminded me of the other great ones and those I totally missed --- which by the way, will go to my Bucket List of "Must See" or "Must Read."

But here's one extraordinary challenge by a good friend... to post positive/good/appreciative thoughts for 5 days and choose 3 people each day to do the same. Not that I normally post gloomy thoughts on my FB Timeline, of course not LOL! In fact, I usually post good, happy moments of the, a picture of my lunch with the caption... "Happy Lunchie! :P" Hahaha!

By the way, it was clarified by the challenger that it does not have to be 5 consecutive days and I may choose when to start and pick up my own pace or... not to take on the challenge at all! I love options! LOL!

Seriously, I find it challenging because I was able to read her postings from Day 1... and based on it (please check out an excerpt above thoughtfully written by the challenger, entitled Day 4: Appreciation), I know that it is not about some random, brush-off thought, however good it may be. The challenge requires to share innermost thoughts, insightful perceptions and true feelings for the most frequently used, misused and abused BIG word next to LOVE... APPRECIATE a.k.a. Thank you.

Like the song, R-E-S-P-E-C-T ( the 3rd runner up for BIG Words! SORRY, I will not mention anymore the 4th biggie hehe), it is easier said or even sung than truly meant...

But before I give a litany of my appreciative thoughts labeled as "What am I Thankful For?" First, let me soul search (Whoah!) what is appreciation to me.

Appreciation is subjective. It is a judgement, an exercise of free will. Everyone has biases and leanings... depending on demographics and many other factors (I am not talking about racism or bigotry... nor of being judgmental or opinionated... just the normal prejudices...come on, don't we all have preconceptions, even misconceptions?). But generally, we appreciate what is pleasing to the senses, what is pleasurable, what is favorable to us. Everyone needs appreciation, validation and reciprocation... it is human nature.

However, to show true appreciation for anyone or anything, one must be able to recognize and acknowledge the existence of its "opposite." How can you appreciate physical beauty if you have not seen ugliness? You wouldn't know the difference. But then again, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," isn't it so?

Many say, they appreciate their great jobs, synonymous to feeling "proud"... but how can one appreciate others' "odd" jobs? Isn't sex work a job too? It is actually legal in some places and taxed as a legit profession with certifications! Do you show appreciation by patronizing and recommending the service, then? Or do you just ignore what is not in conformity to your moral standard? Or be condescending?

Never allow to be underestimated yet do not overestimate yourself. There would always be somebody better in different aspects and to show appreciation for their proficiency in their fields is not only a display of humility but also of great self-confidence. On the other hand, to look down on those perceived to be lesser than you is idiocy.

Showing your appreciation for someone else's capabilities will not diminish yours nor add up to the one being praised...but do not use it as a tool for ulterior motives. A fake compliment will never get you far, it is not appreciated at all. 

Appreciation is freely given. It is not monetary that can be paid back but if you feel shortchanged, find another appraiser that will give you more value for your worth rather than feel unappreciated and call someone an ingrate. 

I try to be lavish in showing my appreciation but admittedly, I am selective. It would also be hypocritical to say that I do not enjoy being in the company of those I truly appreciate who likewise feel the same towards me. Some call it mutual admiration and that is correct. Reciprocal appreciation is mutual respect and it is always earned by both parties. If it is sincerely given, then be very grateful for the love and respect... not to forget the time the other person spent to display it. 

As for me, be assured that if I demonstrate my appreciation, I genuinely mean it from the bottom of my BIG heart! 

Life is short, let's keep it real. :)

Note: This blog will be posted on my FB Timeline and I will nominate 3 special fiends to take on The 5-Day Positive Thoughts Challenge.

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