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Monday, June 20, 2011

Chilling on the Hilly Metro East Side, Antipolo City

I went to party at Antipolo for my sister's birthday bash last night. There's a tropical storm up so the temperature on the hilly east side was extra chilly. I wore a dark pink race back top and an old pair of jeans, my bad! Good thing I had a bonnet on (Brrrr!).

The food as expected were heavenly delishhh! My special favorite was the authentic laing (Gabi/Taro leaves with pork cooked in coconut milk with lots of red chili peppers) prepared by her mother-in-law who
Spicy Laing
is a Bicolana. The creaminess of the coconut milk and the chili's "bite" were just perfect for the cool weather. The embotido (steamed pork roll or meatloaf with hard boiled eggs, sausages, raisins, pickles and cheese filling) was also a hit with my nieces and nephews. My mom seemed to favor the native chicken caldereta (tomato based stew with potatoes, carrots, red bell pepper, green peas, chicken liver and cheese) over the spareribs afritada (boiled then sauteed with laurel leaves and whole black pepper much like the famous adobo, only this one is also tomato based)  and the chicken curry. The celebrant's signature recipe, the creamy
with the celebrant (rightmost)
macaroni soup with mushroom, corn, sausages and cabbage was also served along with the other birthday staples such as the pancit bijon guisado (birthday noodles), cake and ice cream! Sadly, there were no seafoods served at the party due to the recent fish kill scare. Too bad 'cause I was hoping for some grills that would have been a perfect beer match while chillaxing in their kubo (Nipa hut) at the roof top. But hey, who's complaining :)

Then it's booze time! Up we go to the kubo to enjoy the cold Antipolo weather and the sight, overlooking the city lights of the metropolis. My dad opted for some red wine while my bayaw (bro-in-law) had brandy with his friends. Me and my siblings upon the recommendation of my other sister (not the celebrant) tried the new Tanduay Ice instead of the usual beer.

It's a premixed alcoholic beverage that has an alcohol content of 5% per volume, just like my regular favorites the San Miguel Pale Pilsen and the San Miguel Super Dry. It comes in a clear, slender bottle similar to San Mig Light's. It's color was milky or hazy white, like a Guyabano juice. The texture was a little fizzy and bubbly that reminds me of Cali. It tasted  sweet and citrusy like a sour cocktail of gin, pomelo and sugar. I had three bottles but it did not give me the usual kick I get from my beer faves. What I got was a slight headache and a 2-minute gas pain haha I'm not sure 'though, if the laing was to blame for this part. Nevertheless, we finished 24 bottles because the company was awesome!

Thanks for a great party, sistah! 
Cheers to another great year ahead!

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