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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mc Loan Pro Attended PS Bank PLD Christmas Party 2010

Mc Loan Pro celebrates it's very first Christmas Party with PS Bank RSD (Retail Sales Dept.) last December 16, 2010 and this is what we can say... PS Bank definitely knows how to throw a great party!

The event was attended by more than 200 loan agents (all source coded and with bookings). It was such a huge and powerful crowd that showed the solidarity and strength of the PS Bank Retail Sales Department, carrier of its flagship product, the PS Bank Flexi Card Personal Loan. No wonder our product is number 1 in the Philippine market today!

Top most in the agenda of the party.... feed everyone to their heart's or should I say stomach's content. Thus, the venue was an eat-all-drink-all-'till-you-drop restaurant in Market! Market! Taguig City, the famous Kamay Kainan. All great tasting Filipino dish you can think of were yummiliciously (is this a word? haha) spread out in a buffet. It was such a feast that all agents enjoyed and took advantage of to the max!

The theme of the party was each agency's interpretation of Christmas Santa 2010. The Mc Loan Pro Team were all in red with matching dressed up Santa hats with lights. We haggled for the price of the Santa hats from P50 a piece down to P30 (haha that was a good buy). Then we dressed it up with pearls, beads and glitters for originality. Our concept was to be able to show that Christmas Santa 2010 could still be as colorful, glamorous and glittery as always without being extravagant ;) I'd say we looked cute in our Santa hats too :)

Mc Loan Pro Gorgeous Managers
The party started at exactly 5:00 PM as scheduled and all agencies were already present ...such discipline and professionalism! The hosts of the night were our beloved Channel Managers, Mr. Earl Flores (my special favorite hehe), Mr. Bernard Juliano & Ms. Elka. Also present were our supportive bosses, the beautiful and highly esteemed Division Head of PLD, Ms. Avi Melicor and the very handsome Mr. Pocholo Paragas. For those I failed to mention please pardon me.

Our favorite CM, Mr. Earl with PLD Div Head Ms. Avi and Handsome CM Mr. Bernard
Over all in charge of the event was our lovely Channel Manager, Ms. Elka who gave her 101% to ensure the party's success with the help of the PLD Staff. All agency managers were requested to write their Christmas messages which were flashed on the projector screen. Photo shoots (on location) for the Search for the Mr. and Ms. PS Bank and PS Bank Got Talent segments were done ahead of time. Special thanks to our photographer who made us all look good on screen.

Mc Loan Pro participated in the PS Bank Got Talent with a sing and dance stint. We thank everyone who applauded and enjoyed our act. We also would like to thank our choreographer and good friend, Mr. Pao Dizon who canceled appointments and took the time and effort to teach us for a day on such short notice. We apologize 'though that we did not do justice to his creation because we encountered a technical problem as the DJ turned off our piece after the singing part that caused a long gap in our next act thereby exceeding the allotted 8 minutes. In other words, we're explaining how we lost haha! But seriously, we enjoyed performing for every one and very thankful for the opportunity. Also, the winners were really deserving.

Cellphones were raffled off and a lot of PS Bank freebies like desk top calendars, ID slings, pens and a lot more were given away. Everyone went home a winner!

Christmas is truly Merry with PS Bank!

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