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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Acrylic on Canvas: Pandora's Pink Box

Pandora's Pink Box
46 X 46 cm
Acrylic on Canvas

Sip the pink wine,
Pop 'em pink pills,
Drag on long and deep,
Breathe out the pink smoke,
Sit still on the solitary pink chair,
Let 'em peep on pink walls,
Dare if anyone cared.

To each their own memory;
Some infused,
Others confused.

They were sitting
On the pink chair,
Sipping pink wine,
Popping pink pills,
Blowing pink smoke,
When the pink walls
Burned to the ground...
Nobody cared,
They've long been
Damned and dead.

Poetry isn't always pretty
And beauty is sometimes messy.

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