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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Butterfly Acrylic Painting with Title Poem, Ambrosia

16" X 16"
Acrylic on Canvas
(Butterfly Series, 2015)

To the Gardens of the
Goddess Flora,
My Forbidden comes...
Slips through her vines
and sips her ambrosia
sweet as wine.

Beating time in a flutter,
Melting like a butter,
Longing to linger,
My Forbidden
will not falter
albeit in danger.

Oblivious to the splendor that surrounds,
unmindful even of its own beauty that astounds,
My Forbidden have eyes only,
for that one sweet
taste of glory.

Cold blooded thief,
Yes, My Forbidden is.

16" X 16"
Acrylic on Canvas

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