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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Acrylic on Double Canvas

I recently picked up on my old hobby... Painting! I am so excited because I'm using a new medium, acrylic!

I really love oil paint but it takes a long time to cure before you can apply the final finish and since I have very limited time for it, I need to maximize it... if possible... finish it in one sitting... or standing? LOL

I decided to try acrylic paint because it could suit my fast paced style of painting (wet on wet), when in the right mood. It's water based and fast drying plus if you mix it with the right acrylic mediums, the effect is quite as good as oil, or even better, when it comes to texture, thickness and vibrancy!

Since I am new with this material, I studied its nature and composition as well as limitations. I also watched videos of artists at work and I was amazed and really excited to get my hands on it!

First off, I bought the materials I thought I needed... new paint brushes to inspire me... pallet knives, sprayer for thinning with water, foam and rags too because I saw the acrylic masters on videos making use of it a lot! Hmnn what else... acrylic thickening medium, glazes and gloss varnish for finishing... and not to forget the gesso treated canvasses (I got two 10" X 12's " because I wanted a double canvas painting!) and of course the acrylic paints! I bought different brands of artist grade acrylic paints in tubes so I can test which ones are good. I also specifically chose primary colors because I'd rather mix my own. For my easel, I needed a big one because the double canvas measures 24" X 40" so I decided to use my 50+ years old, 4-seater Narra sofa but I made sure it was all covered  in news paper and some paper boards so as not to stain it! I used small pieces of ply wood and screwed the two canvasses together at the back portion to secure it.

The first few brush strokes on the double canvas were liberating! I was staring at it for quite sometime to get the feel of it before I finally decided which colors I wanted to use. You see, I was painting by my mood with no prior planning. I wanted the painting to take it's own form and shape, spontaneously.

Messing it up some more and loving it!!!
Colors!!! More Colors!

I have not yet chosen a name for my first acrylic painting because it's still a work in progress but I will know when it's finally done... it will speak to me. Now, that is so weird! LOL


  1. Bloghopping here! The painting started great. I wonder how the finished product looked like. It's time to reveal...

    1. Hi jonathan! Thanks for reading this post. I will reveal the finished material once it's done :)