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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day: How to Ask for a Valentine Date

It's the love month peeps! Those romantically involved are probably now planning for their special Valentine's date but those who don't have a special someone to spend it with may want to try these suggestions, (suggestions applicable to any gender.)

1. Look for a date, it's not yet too late! If you already have your heart set on someone then you already know who to ask out. If not, the first person who comes to mind might just be your perfect Valentine's date, so think fast! Once a face or a name comes to mind, don't think twice! Remember, most of the time the first guess is intuitively correct, although of course, not all the time.

2. Now, ask for the date but before you do, make sure you already have an exciting proposition where to take your date-to-be. Needless to say, you must have already done your own research on the "prospect" to know the likes and dislikes so as to know the dos and don'ts! Practice your lines and be calm when you pop the question. Look cool and casual like you won't really be hurt and take it personally, if turned down (so cry somewhere out of sight if the result is FAIL). Timing is also essential,  make sure the "prospect" is in a good mood. If possible, ask the question when you two are alone or away from others, so that in case the "prospect" says NO at least you don't risk further humiliation by having somebody else hear it too.

3. If the prospect says YES! congratulations, you now have a Valentine's date! So what's next?

4. Prepare for the V-Day!
a. Get a hair cut or a new hairstyle, but don't overdo it! You would want to look nicer not weird.  
b. Choose the right outfit depending on the place and activities you have agreed on. Don't go overdressed or the opposite. You must be comfortable with the style of your clothes to carry it well. Remember that you are going out on a date not a job interview, so loosen up a little.    
c. Flowers and chocolates or a small gift (they always work!) - It's nice to have a "little something" to take home after a date to remind you how good (or bad) it was. It also serves as an incentive, in case it doesn't go well for the other party, maybe you'll be lucky to get another chance for being remembered as someone thoughtful. But don't be too generous, don't scare your date with a ring or something  like that!  

d. Right demeanor - You are expected to have a good time but must behave yourself, so don't get fresh! You would understandably want to impress your date but be sure to engage in a two-way conversation. Avoid an oratorical speech about yourself  or your interests, be attentive... and sincerely listen! Don't be too timid either, that's not fun... or too perky, nah uh, because that's... ummm, irritating! 
5.  Lastly, just be yourself and have fun because love is in the air and you just might catch it!

Be my Valentine?
 Happy Valentine's Day!

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