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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

No to Bullying and Power Tripping!

I am not a fan of horoscopes but here's something I read from my FB friend's newsfeed today: 
My Sagittarius Horoscope
It may take a lot of effort to avoid blowing things out of proportion today, thanks to this month's First Quarter Moon, Sagittarius. This emotional tension needs a release valve so that you can remain calm, especially if you are around influential people; don't want to create any friction with them right now. Don't fall into the trap of doubting yourself; it could result in negative thinking that could make you even more excitable emotionally. Avoid those you know who could damage your reputation by association.

Hmnn... sounds like workplace bullying and power tripping! Bring it on!

I think we all can relate to it one way or the other (I don't mean my horoscope especially if you're not Sagittarius) but bullying and power tripping in general; not just in the work place. It is a fact of life that many endure while quite a few enjoy but only a handful would dare challenge. A hierarchy of sort.

My favorite Catwoman: Michelle Pfeiffer
In scientific studies, all primates are organized by social dominance. Humans are primates therefore, humans are organized by social dominance. Simple but not at all, especially if you're the underdog! *arch back, right paw up, fangs out and hiss* Meow!
I am not exactly an expert in fending off power trippers and big bullies but here are some examples of those I had the horror of encountering in this lifetime:

1. The Newbie 

This type of office bully has just been promoted to a higher position and would like to test the extent of his power over his new subordinates. He is not convinced about the loyalty of his people and jealous of the previous administration. He projects an all-knowing air but suspects that the ranks know his incapability and talk behind his back.To cover up for his inadequacies, the Newbie tries to take control by enforcing new rules and disrupting established protocol. He wants everything to be through him and by him. He often criticizes the previous administration to his subordinates as well as superiors, desperate to convince them as well as himself that he is a better leader.  He enforces dominance and presence by intimidation, ridiculing those under his power as a cover for his insufficiency. The Newbie picks on those better than him and favors those who lavish him with praises and compliments however untrue. The Newbie is very insecure and paranoid, he is quick to dispose of anyone perceived to be as a threat to expose his weaknesses to his superiors. One of his mastered tricks is fault finding, using his subordinates as scapegoats to divert attention from his own. The Newbie has no ability to motivate his people because he is so busy psyching himself. He is actually a better follower than a leader and his greatest fear is for his superiors to find out about his inability to handle the new position.

Defense: Just let the Newbie feel that you acknowledge and welcome him as your new superior and do not challenge his authority. Show your willingness to support him in his new task. 

2. The Sycophant (Bootlicker Slang: Ass Kisser)

This type did not rise to power from the ranks through hard work or talent but by affinity (Read: Ass Kissing). He wormed his way up by bootlicking his superiors with lavish flattery and obsequiousness, whispering damaging information against his colleagues poisoned with ulterior motive.

The Sycophant is lazy and very dependent.  He stays in the office having a grand time drinking his coffee while rubbing elbows with higher ups. He loves to call for meetings and socialization for brainstorming... filtering and stealing the best ideas as his own. He is indecisive and always asks for his subordinates' opinions. If the decision turns out to be a good one, he basks in glory as if it was his original idea and take all the credit. However, if the decision turns out to be a bad move, he is quick to point fingers and put the blame on easy targets. He is very protective of his stature and would not hesitate to use his influence to cut off a perceived competition. The Sycophant is immune to blandishment because gallantry is his game and information is his trade. He is ambitious and avaricious... faking loyalty, wounding and biting even the hands he licked to accelerate some more.

Defense: The Sycophant is dangerous, do not befriend nor intimidate the snake. Keep your distance and avoid him as much as you can.

3. The Toxic

The Toxic is very hardworking and a perfectionist. He knows his craft and takes great pride in it. He is unforgiving of his subordinates' mistakes but do not show appreciation for good work. The Toxic maltreats his people through overdrive. He enjoys lashing and whipping by overloading his people with work and impossible deadlines to finish the assignments. Unmet expectations of the Toxic is punishable by more workloads and a litany of the subordinate's incompetence compared to his greatness. The Toxic has an inflated sense of importance and self-worth. He is selfish and shameless to steal all credit of good works of others for himself. He has a feeling of entitlement and expects everyone to be at his beck and call. He exploits his subordinates and calls them to duty even during week ends, holidays and ungodly hours! He imposes himself and degrades his people by having them do tasks not covered in their job description such as picking up his laundry or taking his dog for a walk!

Defense: The Toxic is the biggest bully of all. He is good and he knows it... and never allows you to forget. There is no sweet talking or going around this type. It's either you meet him head on or seriously consider looking for another workplace. 

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power. ~Abraham Lincoln
Stop Bullying!


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