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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tea's the Season for Juice and Coffee Raffle Promo

The preparation for the St. Joseph's College of Quezon City Grand Alumni Homecoming in 2013 is now on its final leg with only 4 months to go before the occasion on March 16, 2013.

The Silver Jubilarians, HS Batch 88 will host the said event. The main theme of the Homecoming would be focusing not only on reminiscing the fun, reviving the strength and reliving the solidarity of the Josephine spirit but more importantly, on living it up to the school's vision of Wisdom, Goodness, Charity and Love. To  continually strive to be a caring and nurturing community with the mission of committing ourselves to providing relevant programs and services. Thus, SJC HS Batch 88 has lined up a series of successful fund raising activities to support the cause.

We thank all those who have been generous and supportive to our cause, all this time. The latest fund raising activity, the eSPAcially Raffle Promo was a huge success. Congratulations to the winners! Check out the eSPAcially For You Raffle Draw Video below!

Now... Our first Holiday Raffle Promo...
 Tea’s the Season for Juice & Coffee!!!

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  1. Hello, I just commented on your Abstract entry last August I think? :)) Have a good day! :)