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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Newbie Blogger Succesful: Google AdSense Re-Application Approved!!!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you Lord!

My reapplication for a Google AdSense account was approved in less than 24 hours! My goodness, I'm so happy it's as if I won the lottery hahaha! And why not? Just imagine, being able to do something you enjoy and at the same time earn from it too! Isn't life so good? But of course, never without hardships.  I was so crushed and sad yesterday when I learned that my application was disapproved and blogged about it. (read about it here.)

My motto yesterday: It's never too late for second chances *wink*

My motto today: Do it right the first time, it saves you the pain of doing it twice! *lol*

Let me share a few tips on how I failed and resolved the issues. I do not guarantee the same result by following my tips but I'm positive that it did me good.

Tip #1. Read carefully and completely the Google Adsense Terms and Conditions (T&C)
Yes, it's long and you trust Google that everything is legal and fair but still, you must read it carefully and completely so as to avoid any breach to your detriment.
I tried to do Tip# 1 but I really didn't read everything, I skipped some and scanned back then scrolled down, then closed the window and checked Agree!

Tip #2. If you don't understand some of the stipulations on the T&C,  you may visit the Google Adsense Help and Forum to get more information. You don't actually have to post a question because many topic threads in the forum about your concern may already have been on discussion so just search for the right word or phrase on the search box.
I did Tip #2 and found some very useful pointers on the forum 'though some discussions are too techie for me that I had to search for more profound explanations from other bloggers' articles about their AdSense application experience.

 Tip #3: Check you website or blog site if everything is in conformity with the T&C and other tips you have collated from other successful Adsense Applicants, such as:
a. Content - Make sure everything is original and also the topics must be interesting and appealing to readers and advertisers as well. It also must be informational. Each article must at least have 200-400 words. In short it must not only be an ordinary content but must have good quality content, from the choice of your subjects down to your writing style, grammar, spelling, and even punctuation marks (hehe the correct usage of punctuation marks is only to make it look harder, go ahead and flood your composition with exclamation points if you want to come across as shouting your piece. Me, I love commas and periods. Period.).
b. Number of contents published - I only had 11 original blogs published on just one page! Averaging about 200-400 words or more for each blog entry, when I applied. So I guess this number is good enough for a start.
c. Longevity - Your website or blog site must at least be 6 months old. Mine was 10 months old (August 2010) with the following breakdown of published blogs:
Aug 2010 - 1
Dec 2010 - 1
Mar 2011 - 1
May 2011 - 1
June 2011 - 6
The illustration above confirms my hypothesis that quality rules over quantity in terms of content. So don't be pressured to rush into pounding your keyboards, just so you can fill your site with contents. Also, do not create a lot of pages for different topics that you can't fill in with contents. Wait until you have enough materials to categorized it into pages. Remember, blogging must be pleasurable to keep those creative juices flowing.
I also advise not to rush on publishing each brand new article immediately after writing. Take time to read, re-read and edit your compositions before finally publishing it and promoting for traffic.
d. Traffic - This could be the reason for the longevity qualification. Your site must be generating enough traffic for advertisers to be interested in posting their advertisement on your page/s. The BIG Question is, how many is enough?
When I was browsing for some help on this BIG Q, I chanced upon a lot of blogs that say I must at least have 500 - 1000 unique visitors per day! On forums the figures are even higher! Some information can discourage you, but don't be. We are just talking about an AdSense Account Approval not income generation. This I will blog about when I receive my first check hehe.
e. Number of followers - I only had 4 when I applied (follow me?) so I guess this do not weigh much in their criteria for approval.

Tip #4: What to do if disapproved?
a. Do not despair, don't give up and don't get mad!- It's okay to feel disappointed and sad but do not despair because it means you're giving up. Don't get mad and post libelous statements on forums and your site because it will not help achieve the result you want. Be calm about the disapproval.
b. Re-read and analyze - When you're calm enough, re-read and analyze Google's reasons for the disapproval.
Mine was Page Type issues with further details as follow:
Page type: Your website is a type of website that we do not currently accept into our program. Such websites include, but are not limited to,chat sites, sites that drive traffic through cybersquatting, and sites that use excessive keywords in the content or code of their pages.
 My analysis: 
1. Chat Site - This one was the easiest to rule out. Clear! One down, two left! :)
 2. Cybersquatting - OMG! This is a federal offense in the U.S. according to Wikipedia! I got a little concerned because part of my URL contains a coined term by one of the top buy and sell site in the Philippines because I joined a blog writing contest hosted by them and couldn't think of a more unique and creative name for my site at the time. I was tempted to drastically change my blog's URL which is an offered feature here on Blogger but hesitated because I'm not sure if changing the URL will also reset the registration date which will technically disqualify my re-application due to the 6 month rule. I'm glad I did not push through with it.
3. Excessive keywords in the content or code of their pages - Bingo! This was it!
 I actually went back to Tip #1! If only I did not make a short cut, then it would have saved me the pain! Tsk!
I blogged about how I resolved this issue yesterday so I will just provide some excerpts from it:
 Google Adsence Terms and Conditions (Philippines) Section 2 paragraph 5: (In blue fonts  are issues, I might or might not have violated.)
  "General; Serviced Pages; Filtering; Beta Features. You agree not to display on the same Web page in connection with which any Ad Unit, Ad, Link, Search Box, or Referral Button is displayed (a "Serviced Page") any advertisement(s) or content that an end user of Your Property(ies) would reasonably confuse with a Google advertisement or otherwise associate with Google...."
I deleted all the ad links and gadgets I installed, except for the Photobucket uploaded photos because they're integral parts of my blogs.
 Tip #5 - Once you have resolved the issues given by Google, resubmit your application.

Tip #6 - Pray. Oh, how I prayed and it sure helped :)

Good luck on your Google AdSense application, I hope you get approved on the first attempt! Remember: Do it right the first time, it saves you the pain of doing it twice! 
Happy blogging! :)

Feeling Victorious! :)

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